Vincent van Gogh barely sold a single painting during the course of his lifetime. This proves that being an artist and making a living isn’t easy. But before you can sell the art, you have to make the art and today, finding an affordable place to do that is difficult too. This is why in 2015, ceramicist Angelique Schmitt co-founded Kindred Studios, a charity that provides affordable workspaces for artists, artisans, makers, craftspeople, architects and makers of musical instruments.

Yoo Capital is currently in talks with Kindred Studios about moving into three buildings at 13 and 14 Market Lane, an address near the southern entrance of Shepherd’s Bush Market. The idea is that 75 local artists will be given an affordable place to work, enabling them the chance to gain a financial foothold in the arts industry. Kindred Studios will have a year’s lease at Market Lane while the arts charity secures a permanent home in Ravenscourt Park – due for completion in early 2022.

For the last twenty years homelessness charity, St. Mungo’s, has used 13 and 14 Market Lane to provide vital shelter for vulnerable people and rough sleepers. As of mid-December, the organisation will begin moving residents to alternative accommodation as part of an expansion plan. Yoo Capital has worked closely with staff from St.Mungo’s during this transition period and provided a financial contribution to the institution’s growth strategy. “We are proud to have been part of the Shepherd’s Bush Market community for nearly twenty years and thank our neighbours for their support,” says Adam Rees, St. Mungo’s Regional Director. “We also thank Yoo Capital, the current owners, for their financial contribution towards our new plans to offer services in the wider area.”