In collaboration with The New Black Film Collective we are bringing documentary CASSIUS X: Becoming Ali to the market, a film which follows the early years of Cassius Clay, from bright-eyed rookie to world heavyweight champion and from working class intellectual to one of America’s most influential civil rights campaigners. 

The film reveals how the teachings of Elijah Muhammad, reinforced by a friendship with revolutionary preacher, Malcolm X, set Clay on the journey to become “Cassius X”, before his induction to the Nation of Islam and ascension to the name of the great Muhammad Ali. 

CASSIUS X: Becoming Ali is the extraordinary story of how one young boxer from Louisville, Kentucky became a cultural icon for the ages, forever to be known thereafter as “The Greatest”.

The screening will be followed by pannel discussion and Q&A.


Asia Ahmed (Host): Asia is a creative producer, specialising in visual arts, whose work exists between the intersection of art and activism. Asia is also the founder of A LOOK INTO, a pioneering youth-led production company that delivers both exceptional filmmaking and educational services. With a passion for diverse and inclusive storytelling, Asia continuously strives to create impactful work that resonates with audiences.

All Stars Boxing Gym: 3 representatives from All Stars Boxing Gym. All Stars Boxing Gym is a charity based in Queens Park, providing boxing training to young people facing societal barriers, in a way which aids their healthy development and growth.

When: January 27th, 5:30 – 8:30pm

Where: Arch 182

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Runtime: 90 mins

Year: 2023

Country: UK/USA