SUSAN THOMPSON “Sweet Potato Pudding”

17-21 October, Arch 182

Susan Thompson, is set to unveil her latest exhibition, “Sweet Potato Pudding.” This captivating showcase not only delves into the world of abstract art but also pays heartfelt tribute to the remarkable Jamaican mothers who have left an indelible mark on culture, family, and culinary traditions.

Experience a diverse collection of works, ranging from captivating photography and striking abstract paintings to the poignant installation “Mrs. Ebanks.” This installation stands as a heartfelt tribute to a Jamaican mother, wife, friend, grandmother, and an outstanding human being,

Susan Thompson is an abstract artist based in London, UK, whose work seamlessly blends her lifelong commitment to nursing with her enduring passion for art. Her paintings draw inspiration from the natural world, her rich reservoir of personal experiences, and the profound cultural influences of Jamaica.

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ENNÈ “The Kings Wisdom”

23-28 October, Arch 182

The Kings Wisdom is an art project that consists of paintings, music and hip-hop culture. Street culture and street art is a big inspiration for artist ENNÈ, because of how it includes everyone. The street is a platform for a voice, otherwise marginalised, to be given a fair hearing. This is what draws ENNÈ to the street art culture and HipHop traditions.

The Kings Wisdom is a series of paintings that take you on a journey of discovery. These visuals carry messages and symbolism of what it takes to lead a nation, based on proverbs. Wisdom is more precious than gold and the Kings mother in proverbs 31 urges Him to lead with Wisdom. This work forces the viewer to go deeper and ask harder questions about life.

ENNÈ is an artist working locally to Shepherd’s Bush. She is a multidisciplinary artist who is known also for her musical works and film photography art works. Also selling her work as NFTs, she is see how the culture will survive the technological changes in the future of web 3 & AI. The talk on HipHop culture history will look at where it began and it’s progression, to where it will likely go to next.

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Anthony Laurecin “The Outsiders” & Sasha Budhai “The Rebirth”

23-28 October, Arch 172a

Anthony Laurencin’s work is intrinsically rebellious, he creates bold, narrative-led paintings anchored in a strong self-referential style. Having begun his practice only a few years ago, Laurencin has no formal training, and as such, his artistic language is honest and unique. He works on unstretched canvas with multiple layers of acrylic paint, allowing his evolution of ideas to remain visible in the final piece.

Sasha Budhai’s art revolves around creating paintings that bring about a sense of calm and peacefulness, while still being visually captivating. The approach is marked by a mix of fun, confidence, boldness and inviting beauty which reflects the rich and vibrant cultural heritage that was exposed to artist growing up in Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago. These two cultures are often marked by resilience, overcoming challenges, and forging a unique identity. Themes that have inspired Sasha to create art that celebrates empowerment, boldness and strength.

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